The Post Your Glow Up Challenge 

I was called everything but a child of God…skinny, little, flat chested, no booty, anorexic, and my personal favorite…a stick. Kids can be so cruel. I look back at the younger photo of me and I can laugh, but at the same time I was happy. I may have looked a mess, but every article of clothing I had on was grateful! While my mom and dad wasnt in my life, people stepped in and took care of me! They bought me things that helped boosted my SELF-esteem. To others I could’ve been the butt of many jokes, but I was really appreciative of what people did for me. I never thought I wasn’t pretty, but I always wished to look my age like other girls. In today’s time, cruel words are sending these kids straight on a suicide mission. Just because someone does not look like you, it does not give you the right to shame them. You never know what somebody is going through!

Even now, I don’t like people looking at me (why public speaking & singing makes me uncomfortable), being around a lot of people gives me anxiety (why I tend to stay to myself), hearing other people talk about people gives me anxiety (why my friends are the sweetest), and I don’t like being the center of attention ( number one reason I didn’t want a wedding).

Be careful with your words! They can give life, or they can give death!




LHH Atlanta: Marriage Ain’t Hot All the Time

Now I know what ya’ll are thinking…This show is scripted…Rasheeda stupid for taking him back in the first place…this show is drama-filled…etc.

But let’s be real for a moment! This moment Rasheeda had right here, was REAL! She dropped some knowledge for the married people. Had me like Amen girl, Amen!! She had me all in my feelings. I commend her for this though. The world need more people willing to share their stories, if it means it will help out the next person. Especially when it comes to marriage. I don’t agree with all the fighting, fussing, and cussing, but this is a message for somebody right here. Take a look:

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Thank You: Appreciation Promotion (ends May 31st)

I must say that I am surprised by the number of people who reached out to me and booked an appointment! I had no idea ya’ll loved my work so much!! To show my appreciation I am going to run a special! After you come see me and you refer a friend to me, follow my hair page on Instagram and receive $10 off your next style ($5 kids style). Continue reading

Have You Experienced God’s Faithfulness? 

Faithful Chics Boutique Godfident T-ShirtLet’s talk about God’s faithfulness for a moment….

So yesterday was Easter right, and I was sitting at church really just thinking about how much God has done for me. I was thinking about the love that Jesus showed a dying world when he gave his life for us. I was thinking about all the times God could have given up on me, and all the times I could’ve died way too early. I thought about all of God’s promises and how he has never let me down. I thought about all the times I didn’t tithe right, but he still provided for me. I can’t name everything, because God has done so many things for me!

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Mommy & Trini Take Memphis

Before now, I have never been to Memphis! That is so crazy because I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. Most of the people I hung around in college were from Memphis, Tn, but I have never paid “The Birth Place of Rock & Roll” a visit.

I am going to give you all a brief synopsis of my trip!

Road Trip:

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