Thank You: Appreciation Promotion (ends May 31st)

I must say that I am surprised by the number of people who reached out to me and booked an appointment! I had no idea ya’ll loved my work so much!! To show my appreciation I am going to run a special! After you come see me and you refer a friend to me, follow my hair page on Instagram and receive $10 off your next style ($5 kids style). Continue reading

Have You Experienced God’s Faithfulness?ย 

Faithful Chics Boutique Godfident T-ShirtLet’s talk about God’s faithfulness for a moment….

So yesterday was Easter right, and I was sitting at church really just thinking about how much God has done for me. I was thinking about the love that Jesus showed a dying world when he gave his life for us. I was thinking about all the times God could have given up on me, and all the times I could’ve died way too early. I thought about all of God’s promises and how he has never let me down. I thought about all the times I didn’t tithe right, but he still provided for me. I can’t name everything, because God has done so many things for me!

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Mommy & Trini Take Memphis

Before now, I have never been to Memphis! That is so crazy because I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. Most of the people I hung around in college were from Memphis, Tn, but I have never paid “The Birth Place of Rock & Roll” a visit.

I am going to give you all a brief synopsis of my trip!

Road Trip:

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Hubby’s Birthday – DIY Love Coupons


img_8338Today my husband turns a year older, and I am so excited!! Call me crazy, but I am excited to grow older with him! We met when we were 12, and now we are both 27. I have known, have loved, and have gone crazy over him for over half of my life now!

He is not really big on celebrating his birthday, but deep down inside I know he really wants to ย feel special on his special day. I am the same way! I say I don’t really care about my birthday, but deep down I kinda do. When you have gone most of your life with it just been another day, you just kind of expect that moving forward…but if someone makes you feel special – that is just even better! Continue reading