A little Hope Can Save a Life (or a Fish)

It’s Story Time!!

Everyone, meet Teddy! Teddy was a birthday gift to Trinity from her Teddy Bear (God-Dad). Teddy is a Beta fish, and as far as I know a very “low” maintenance pet. 

Well I was wrong! First off, Trinity NEVER feeds him. So I bet you think I feed the fish, right? WRONG! Poor fish. Teddy has gone days at a time without eating his little Beta food.

Secondly, when I agreed to this gift, I did not think about who would be cleaning out the fist bowl. Well don’t look at me, cause I didn’t do that either! After having Teddy for 3 weeks, Trinity’s dad took initiative to give Teddy a better way of life. Clean water. Y’all, I seriously don’t know how this fish survived under these conditions. Everyday I was expecting to see a floating fish, but Teddy is a fighter.

So to the funny part of this story is when Trinity’s dad actually tried to do a good deed for

Teddy. He dumped out the old water and cleaned out the bowl (That water was soooo stinky!!! It was a horrible smell!! Once again, I’m amazed Teddy was still alive). Then, he got water from the refrigerator to fill the bowl back up. Well….just moments later I walked in and noticed Teddy giving up on life. I touched the bowl and it was FREEZING! I asked my husband, “did you put cold water in the bowl?!” He said yea like it was no big deal! I said, “it’s suppose to be room temperature, he’s dying!” So, we tried to dump the water out, and when we did Teddy stopped moving. I said,”welp, he lived a crazy life! He dead!” I literally walked out the kitchen to let my husband deal with the dead fish. About 10 minutes later, I walked back in to see Teddy swimming in his side. In disbelief I said, “he’s alive?!” My husband said, “Yea, he’s hanging in there. I just put some hot water on him and he started kicking” Lol. Y’all, it was a miracle!! My husband had hope for this fish and I gave up on him. Oh the irony!! (I may or may not be shouting right now)

I can truly say, Teddy is a trooper and he has a special place in my heart now. I did feed him this morning just in case you were wondering!! Little Trin Trin does not have a clue what her fish Teddy has been through in this short month, but I sure do have a story for her when she gets older!!

Moral of the story: Never give up. Love always hopes & perseveres ❤️️

Oh, feed and care for your fishes!!


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