3 Types of People That Would Love Charming Charlie

New Favorite Store Alert!!

This is not the first time I have shopped at Charming Charlie, but let me just say every time I go into this store I have the same reaction….EEEEEK!

Charming Charlie is the PERFECT store for THREE type of people:

  1. The OCD person
    • The store is organized by color scheme!
    • Store is not cluttered!
  2. The Significant Other (whether it’s your hubby, bf, bae, or boo)
    • The “S.O.”does not have to spend a lot of time in the store.
    • Everything is cute!! Just pick something!! My husband was picking up all type of stuff. I seriously have never seen him so hands on while I was shopping!
  3. On a BUDGET
    • Let me just say, the clearance section is BOMB! I got the purse in this picture for $11.
    • Even the accessories not on clearance are very affordable and very cute!

Head there now to get all jewelry B1G1 FREE!

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