Hubby’s Birthday – DIY Love Coupons


img_8338Today my husband turns a year older, and I am so excited!! Call me crazy, but I am excited to grow older with him! We met when we were 12, and now we are both 27. I have known, have loved, and have gone crazy over him for over half of my life now!

He is not really big on celebrating his birthday, but deep down inside I know he really wants to  feel special on his special day. I am the same way! I say I don’t really care about my birthday, but deep down I kinda do. When you have gone most of your life with it just been another day, you just kind of expect that moving forward…but if someone makes you feel special – that is just even better!

To celebrate, we went out for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse last night for a romantic dinner. He has been talking about eating there since the last time we ate there for Mother’s Day back in 2014 (if I remember correctly). We also dressed up which is something likes doing more and more these days. He wanted to pick me out a dress and everything…

Dress is from A’Gaci, purse & accessories are from Charming Charlie, lipstick is ColourPop in Clueless

(He says I dress like a granny with good style SMH)! The dress he picked out was sooooo out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad he pushed me to embrace what God has given me. I think was proud to know he picked out my dress, and I actually looked good in it 🙂

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday months ago, he said he didn’t want anything. Now, how many of us say that and actually mean it?! I knew he had to want SOMETHING! I asked him again a few weeks before his birthday, and his answer changed to “what I want is priceless” ummmm okay then.  So me being me, I started looking up DIY ideas on Pinterest since he said it doesn’t cost money. Eventually I decided on making him a coupon book like I saw on Pinterest.

FYI, I Pinterest EVERYTHING!!! And I do mean EVERYTHING! With that being said, can I have a drum roll please…This is what I gifted my hubby and got the biggest smile ever:

I printed these Love Coupons off at and it was so easy AND inexpensive! My husband absolutely loved it! He said it was thoughtful and the coupons had everything he loved on them. He knew this was a selfless act of Love on my part because some of the things I put on there (I’ll let ya’ll put two and two together yourselves)! My suggestion is to be creative! Do what makes your significant other happy, no matter the cost or lack of sleep!

Seeing him smile so hard and for him to be so excited warmed my heart! I love him and I hope his birthday is absolutely EVERYTHING he could have ever hoped for!

P.S. He used one of his coupons less than 12 hours of receiving them. I did have a few Terms and Conditions for “proper” redemption like:

  1. He must tell me at least 2 hours in advance
  2. Can only use 1 per day (No UNO mess over here!)
  3. Non replaceable if lost (he loses everything sooo yea!)

Like I said, BE CREATIVE! Let me know if you decided to give this idea a try by tagging me on Instagram (@exploringmypieces)! I may just feature you and your handy work 🙂

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