Have You Experienced God’s Faithfulness? 

Faithful Chics Boutique Godfident T-ShirtLet’s talk about God’s faithfulness for a moment….

So yesterday was Easter right, and I was sitting at church really just thinking about how much God has done for me. I was thinking about the love that Jesus showed a dying world when he gave his life for us. I was thinking about all the times God could have given up on me, and all the times I could’ve died way too early. I thought about all of God’s promises and how he has never let me down. I thought about all the times I didn’t tithe right, but he still provided for me. I can’t name everything, because God has done so many things for me!

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So far this year my faithfulness has really been tested. I have been tested to live the life I preach about. To live the struggle and see if I will still produce good fruit. Can I be as faithful to God as he has been to me? This is a question I want God to be able to answer YES to when it come to me. I will never be able to thank him enough! However, the best way I can repay him is with my life. Everyday I wake up with pleasing God on my mind. I owe it all to him! Thank you God for all that you have done! Thank you God for you son, Jesus Christ! I ask that you continue to shine your light on your people as we project that same light onto this dying world just as Jesus did. Amen!



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