I Think I Screwed My Child Up

Look, I know I’m not perfect as a mother. The way I raise mine may differ from yours. My tactics my not be right and who knows if they’re wrong. Being a parent is hard work. The hardest job and biggest responsibility I’ve ever had!

I commend all parents out here striving to do right by their kids and trying to make good decisions for them. You may think it’s the right move and then later see you should have done things differently. In my opinion, that’s what being a parent is all about. Doing your best for them! We pretty much wing it if we’re being honest. Some people are lucky to have their parents around to tell them what to do and what not to do (that can be a good and bad thing). Then there’s the ones with absolutely no direction, but they have a dream or fantasy what being a parent should look like or how their child should act or be. I fall somewhere in the middle. I take advice from my mom and mother-in-law only if I feel it won’t turn my child into another me or a clone of my husband. I pretty much wing the rest, and feel defeated when I realized I may have screwed up.

I can’t remember who I was speaking with (when I remember I will update this post because they deserve some credit) but they made me realize a major key. They said, “kids are resilient. And if they love you, they are forgiving.” This made me think of my own childhood. I was screwed allllllll the way up, but it was so easy to forgive my mom cause she came around. It was harder for me to forgive my dad because he was so absent. Both cases were different, but the urge I had to forgive and move on with life was so strong.

One thing I am learning and am constantly reminding myself of is that the probability of screwing your child up in some way is about 99.9% and that’s OKAY!! You may screw up your child up with the decisions you thought were right, but what’s more important is being there for them when your screw ups start to manifest in their own lives. Be there to pick them up and dust them off. Be there to redirect them. Be there to give them advice on how to do things differently. That’s what being a parent is about people!

P.S…. I think the best people come out of screwed up situations. It builds character 🙂

As always, thanks for reading! Like and share to some of your mommy and daddy friends who could use some encouraging in the parenthood journey!



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