Save Money All 2018

Hey ya’ll!! I just wanted to do a quick post to share some cool saving goals and resources. I shared one on my Snapchat, and I got quite a few request for the information. I am also in the middle of prepping a budget class for the ladies at my church, so I thought I would go ahead and give ya’ll some ideas on saving for the New Year. I’ll give you all the details below on my favorite saving challenges!


First off, who else has a hard time saving money?! I know it can’t just be me. They way my husband and I finances are ran, the amount to save weekly or even monthly are not consistent. Sometime we can save a lot, and then there are times we are unable to. For example, from October to February we celebrate birthdays and of course Christmas. So during those months, our saving contributions are lower than other months. That’s why I love this chart! You can pick a tile each week based off what you have to save. This chart is free and can be downloaded by clicking the link below, or you can go to Medium Sized Family site to retrieve your copy.



I also love this challenge! This one is courtesy of A Helicopter Mom. This challenge is really self explanatory. You have 52 weeks in the year, so you’d start off with $1 for week one and then increase by a dollar each week. You can print this off and check each week off as you save successfully! For me, It would be better to start at week 52 and work my way backwards. You have to know your finances and do whatever works for you! This chart is free and can be downloaded by clicking the link below.



Qapital_Card_Angle_05Also, I use the Qapital App on my phone, and you can set up the same rule (like the 52 Week Money Challenge) to withdraw from your bank account. It also has overdraft protection so it will not withdraw money from your bank account if your balance is less than $100. There is many other rules to choose from as well. I also use the round-up rule. It rounds up all the purchases linked to my checking account and moves it to my saving account with Qapital. You can also have a spending account that Qapital will send you a free debit card! I use this as extra money, but you can use it for Christmas, Birthdays, etc. If you use my link below, we’ll both get $5 for signing up!

These are some of my favorites, and I hope you all can reach your saving goals of 2018! Happy New Year!



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