Mental Illness Awareness Week 2018 Video

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2018

Awareness to Mental Illness and Mental Health

This week is Mental Illness Awareness week, and I knew I had to do something to help bring awareness. This is so personal to me, but it also very personal to many people around you, whether you know it or not. It is really important that we destigmatize mental illness so that more people do not feel shamed and/or alone. In case you don’t know, bringing awareness to mental illness allows people to speak their truth and receive healing in the process. I know from experience, and I want others to receive their healing as well!

As I was preparing for this week back in September, God gave me the idea to the plan I had for this week into a personal one. God told me to reach out to the people I knew that has/had suffered for mental illness. If you know me, you know I struggle with letting people in, and I struggle even more with reaching out to people I may not talk to every day. So initially, I was really, God? I sat there for a moment, and my mind started racing about if people would even care about what I was trying to do. My anxiety was trying to creep up on me, and I told the devil to back up off me. I then said, “Lord, let your Will be done , not mine. I trust you.”

After my little episode, I reached out the people who have either once opened up to me, or that i have seen speak publicly on the cause. These are the people you are going to see in the video today. I want to say thank you to every participant. I know it is not easy to share your difficulties, but I’m glad you trusted me and was brave enough to not only let me in but also everyone who watched this video. May God bless you! In this video you will hear the stories and encouragement from:

Donyelle Townsend: Owner of Party with Marley, Blogger of Curls of Honesty, Board Member of Live Your Truth

Gwendy Sharp

Jaime Sharp: Writer of Book of Feelings & The Dying Rose

Linda Williams

Shay Holbert: Owner of Blink Beautiful




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