Part Two: Where Do I Go From Here?

Girl, Get UP

My last post was dedicated to my step-dad, Part One: Where Do I Go From Here?,. I pretty much summarized what was keeping me in a funk. I described how paralyzing the pain was becoming daily. It also explained how the dark places was keeping me from getting up. For someone that has never dealt with grief or depression, I didn’t know what I was battling.

One day last week, I took a mental day. I called out of work, and I tried to focus on re-balancing my thoughts in hopes of getting out of the funk I was in. Instead, I ended up laying around the house ALL day telling myself I needed to get up. I aimlessly scrolled on social media for the majority of the day until I came across Ebony King’s post about her Emmy Nominated Documentary for Girl, Get Up. I have been following Ebony for a while, and I knew she started a non-profit organization called Tabitha’s TEA Party. Between her two Instagram pages, I found the amazing documentary Girl, Get Up!

So, I watched this less than 9 minute video, and was in tears do you hear me?! Why was I crying? I was crying because that documentary touched every bit of my soul. It not only illustrated where I was, but also encouraged me to get up out of my dark place. God makes NO MISTAKES! This was God’s divine intervention speaking to my soul.

Girl, Get UP

So what did I do? Ya girl got up! I commented on the Instagram post thanking them for the message that was delivered to me through them! I said I wanted to cover Tabitha’s TEA Party on my blog. What happened next? Ebony DM’ed me! We exchanged numbers and this beautiful spirited woman called me. Due to the message I had received, my voice was still shaking a bit. Ebony asked me what was going on, and literally spilled my life to her…a complete stranger.

I may not have known Ebony personally, but our spirits connected. She listened to my every word, and she spoke LIFE over me. Ebony encouraged me to continue to share my gift with God’s people and to use what I was going through to reach people. She told me to appreciate the season of being hidden. Through her, God opened my eyes to where I needed to go and what I needed to do next. Ebony invited me to Dallas, TX where her next conference will be held in August of 2019.

Why am I sharing this story? A couple of reasons.

One, never underestimate the power of social media! This day in time, social media is one of the main channels of communication. You can reach so many people across the world just by making one post. In other words, use your platform no matter how big or small it may be!

Two, when you are walking in your purpose, God will never misguide or leave you to figure things out by yourself. Actually, its not our job to figure it out in the first place. God uses these dark moments in our life to show his power and to bring glory to his name (just like the death of Jesus).

Three, never be afraid to ask for help. Trust the Holy Spirit. Even though I knew I needed to get up and possibly get off social media, Ebony’s page captivated me for a good reason. Now I have a new friend, and a positive example of someone already doing what God has directed me to do. That was the greatest gift to me that day. God answered my questions in a matter of a hour AND allowed me to connect with someone I can learn from.

Minister Ebony King, (she was recently ordained!!!), thank you again for time, your positive energy, and for being obedient. I cannot wait to attend the Hidden Women’s Conference in 2019. I pray that God continue to use you to uplift and build his kingdom! This is only the beginning!

If you are interested in joining me at this conference, let’s link up!! Email me, or comment below and we will make it happen. See the conference information below by clicking on the picture!

Hidden Women's Conference 2019

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    1. Yes!! I’m up and I’m going stay up! I can’t wait for the conference. I wish it was closer though. I’m going to try and make one of her bible studies on a Saturday between now and then. What’s your Instagram? I want to look for you at the conference!


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