Blogging for Self-Care

Blogging for Self-Care
Blogging for Self-Care

Blogging vs. journaling

I originally started my blog as a way to express myself. Writing in my journal was not enough for me. I am realizing the reason for that was because I am a creative. I like to look at the things I make and I like for them to be beautiful. If you see my journal, it is not beautiful. It is allllll over the place.

I love my journal becasue I like the physical act of writing. still keep my journal though because it is bed-side, in my purse, in my backpack, and many more places. There is literally have a journal in almost every place I ever go because I want to be able to release whenever I get the urge. I really just use my phone because it is so much more convenient, but being high tech does not satisfy my urge for some reason.

It’s a process for me.

When I journal, it’s therapeutic. I carry a lot around daily because I believe it’s apart of my unique design. It hasn’t always been something I admired about myself, but I think I am beginning to accept this trait of mine. I see that being in tune with my thoughts and emotions are not unfavorable all the time. Journaling allows me to empty my brain and my heart so I can start all over. I look at it as me acknowledging that I have feelings and thoughts too, and they are just as important as anyone else’s.

I journal about all types of things. Sometimes it’s a letter to myself, a prayer to God, or a release of a bunch of thoughts or feelings. It’s a mind dump, literally. I want to get better at making my thoughts beautiful. This is where my blog in come into play. I want to show myself that in the mist of all that dumping, there is something so beautiful hidden. That something is me.

Blogging brings things full circle.

I found that when I neglect to blog, I ignore the beautiful part of me. Journaling focuses on the not so pretty parts of my mind, but blogging highlights the fact that I am loving and accepting myself through it all. It’s like a caterpillar. The caterpillar goes into its secret place, and when it comes out, it is now a beautiful butterfly. We don’t see what goes on in that cocoon. However, we know that the time spent in there produces an eye-catching insect. My blog is what makes me feel like everything that I went through was worth it because I ended up with something beautiful. I have my own beautiful story.

It’s time to Morph!

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