Control Your Thoughts

Control Your Thoughts

Today I woke up in a sharing mood. I love when I get this feeling. Sharing is not something I’ve been feeling a lot of these days, but I have to remind myself that writing is liberation for me. I get so carried away with everything I got going on that sometimes I neglect my blog, but I am learning to accept that’s just where I am right now. I have been working on something super special, and it requires a lot of my attention. But today, I have a message for you!

I was flipping through my journal last night and I came across a page that I scribbled on summing up everything I went through in 2018. Some of the things I listed were:

  1. God warned me early in 2018 that change was going to happen.
    • I stopped writing my book because of the pain that was resurfacing
    • I found a therapist to primarily deal with my past so I could continue writing, but realized just how much of a lie I had been living
  2. My “comfortable” life was shaken up!
    • The things I had the strength to endure all of a sudden became exhausting
    • God exposed my weaknesses to me which was my anxiety
  3. I experienced an enormous amount of suffering.
    • My job was on the line
    • I endured so much betrayal from the people I loved most
    • I was hurt by the church
    • I lost my best friend
    • I lost the only father figure I had
    • I was medicated for my extreme anxiety
  4. I completely rejected God.
    • I was in a dark place because of my rebellion
    • This caused me so much shame and guilt

Do you realize what happens when you focus on the negative?

If I were to harp on all of my loss, pain, and bad choices, nobody would see God’s glory! Yea, all this stuff happened, but what am I going to do with it is the real question. This is where we tend to go wrong. I often think we put too much energy into what life is doing to us and how people have wronged us. When we do this, we allow these things to take root in our lives and our hearts. There is a great benefit in being able to acknowledge what is happening to you physically, but there is power in being able to combat it spiritually. By solely focusing on what’s not going right in your life, you are giving in to the distraction. It’s a distraction of the enemy. Don’t fall for it!

A shift occurs when you control your narrative.

When you take what life has thrown your way and you decide it’s going to make you better, there’s nothing that anyone or anything can do to stop you! That is all obstacles are designed to do. They are designed to make you stronger, build your endurance, and increase your faith in Jesus.

I challenge myself every day to take everything the enemy throws my way as a test. I say things like, “Yea, it’s messed up how they counted me out, but God says I will crush the enemies head! Yea, anxiety may come every day for me, but because Jesus shed his blood so I don’t have to worry or be afraid of what’s to come. Yea, my biological father may not have the capacity to love and care for me, but God thought I was important enough to make the greatest sacrifice of all. Yea, I got a little church hurt, but that’s not going to stop me from entering into a place of worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Yea, I made some bad decisions. Yea, I knew better. But guess what? God gave me the chance to be reconciled back to him, and he also restored me where I was experiencing lack. Now I’m on fire of the Lord because he delivered me and I owe him my life!”

It’s clap back season over here! God gave me the biggest defense! I have his word and with it he fights my battles.

YOU control your perspective. YOU control what you allow to take root. You CAN’T control life and other people, but you CAN control your reactions and response!

Take back your power!

Until next time, explorers! (I am really trying to have a new post every Friday!)

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