Ten Facts About Me That I’ll Probably Regret Telling You

I’m almost 30 and IDK if one person knows ALL of these things about me. This blog post started as a Facebook post, but it got a little lengthy. I just had a TBH moment and thought it would be fun to see if anyone else could relate to any of these… so here are ten facts about me that I will probably regret telling everybody:

1. Love will always calm down a war, but dominance…let’s just say I like a challenge.

2. I have an uncanny ability to sense good and bad spirits, vibes, intentions (whatever you want to call it). I should’ve been a detective! I don’t know what to call it. Religious folks call it the gift of discernment, and google calls it psychic ability. I like them both! My kids say I know everything LOL.

3. Even though my love runs deep, you probably couldn’t tell by my words or actions. I’m not very demonstrative, but I’m working on this.

4. I naturally have a hard time trusting people. Things I’ve been through has made it even harder to put my trust in people. If I rock with you, don’t take it lightly! All it takes is one lie/betrayal, and the level of trust I once had for you becomes impossible to regain again (I’m working on this, too).

5. I am easily annoyed with the trivial conversation. I like having intellectual discussions. If you don’t get me thinking about life, I probably don’t have many conversations with you.

6. I crave consistency, but not for the reasons you may think. Consistency keeps me on the straight and narrow. I can naturally spot a loophole, and it is tough for me not to take advantage of it sometimes. So consistency keeps me on the right path and accountable. (Not my best trait, and yes I know Trinity gets this from me…UGH!)

7. Because I am slow to trust people, most people don’t know the REAL me. They get the surface me. A lot of people can’t handle ALL of me, so I keep most of me to myself.

8. I am goal-driven. Always have been. I get stuff done point, blank, PERIODT.

9. Unfortunately, I cling to painful memories and feelings. I never forget how someone has made me feel. Life has taught me the only way I can get better at this is by communicating openly. Effective communication is hard to master when you are not trusting. It’s easier to keep it all to myself until I can’t anymore. Then comes the tornado. Hear me when I say, “DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL!” It’s just pent up emotions, and I will go back to normal when I finally get it all out. Actually, it’s pretty crazy. I just SMH at myself.

10. Usually, I am a cool, calm, and collected person. I shy away from a confrontation unless it’s dealing with my family. I am super protective over my kids and my husband. I am the only one that can fight with my husband, and become unapologetic when I feel my kids were put in danger or could’ve been hurt.

Even with all of the good but mostly bad traits, I love me. I used to wish I was different, but I see just how different I am, and I appreciate my uniqueness. I’m not for everybody, and today I’m okay with that! Be kind to yourselves! Oh and remember with each difference between you and somebody else, there’s an opportunity to gain a new perspective!

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