What is Exploring My Pieces About?

I started Explore My Pieces to help me figure out what makes me the happiest. I live a very busy life, and I do not take enough time to just marinate in the moments I create. I have always been a sucker for memories since my early life did not produce many good ones to hold on to. So I guess you can say I am a hoarder of memories, HA! Another reason I started EMP was to connect with other moms, wives, Christians, and other people like myself. I love to share recipes, motherhood tips, marriage experiences, life experiences, travel ideas, and the list goes on. For a long time I have used my social media to do these things, but I want to have a more centralized place to hold all of the memories that are made, and to also interact with others in the process.

Well Who Am I?

Part Two: Where Do I Go From Here?

I am a Christian, wife, and a mother by the name of Tiffany Beard. I proudly wear a million and one hats (whether I wear them well is debatable). I have been on my voyage to explore myself since I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2012 (Go VOLS!), but I just found out I’ve been on this trip in 2016.  I have started a few blogs, I have had a few entrepreneur ideas, and a lot of fails since then. Those fails have led me here. I am all about self-awareness. I feel it’s important to know yourself so you can make yourself happy, which in turn you can add happiness to the lives of others. Some of the pieces of Tiffany are my husband, my kids, my faith, my love for writing, sewing, and photography. I am a christian, wife, and a mother by

My grammar is imperfect, my perspective on things are perfectly mine, and I am no longer minimizing myself to make others feel more comfortable. I was Perfectly made in God’s eyes, so the way the world view me is not one of my concerns. I love ME, I love YOU, and I love that we may be different! If one person reads this blog or find one thing helpful on this site, I will consider this a success! My goal is to motivate and inspire others to find themselves, and to encourage others to do whatever it is that makes them happy.