BaeCation 2017: Chicago, IL

This year, Mr. Beard and I decided we would travel more. Staying true to that goal, I planned us the perfect BaeCation (Vacation with your Bae…duh!) to Chicago, IL. I planned this trip back in February, so we were waiting for this trip for more than half the year! But let me tell you….it was worth the wait! I’ll give you the run down of where we stayed, ate, and ventured.

Hotel Accommodations

We stayed at the Residence Inn Chicago Downtown/Loop for one night.We also paid for the valet parking. We splurged on this hotel accommodation because we wanted to stay in the heart of downtown Chicago. I do think it was worth every dollar! The people were so kind, especially the valet team. They were the first people we saw, and they definitely set the mood for our visit. The hotel is beautiful! I loved the art, the antique style décor, the lighting…I was very happy with the presentation of the hotel! We were granted early check-in which was amazing since we napped in our car in the middle of the night LOL. Needless to say, we were tired!! The hotel is in a great location! The roads are being worked on at the time, but that’s out of the property’s control.

We also stayed one night at the Sybaris Pool Suites in Northbrook, IL. We purchased the Paradise Swimming Pool Suite. This was the whole reason why we came to Chicago in the first place. I found this deal on Groupon, and I fell in love with the suites! I was nervous because I don’t fully trust pictures online, but they did not disappoint. Excuse me while I have a moment….Y’all….Men, grab ya wives! Women, grab your husbands!! This place was ahhhhmazing! I felt like I was in a video they whole time we were here. The Jacuzzi, the pool, the waterfall, the different color lights, the speakers blaring music throughout the suite, the massage chair…it was a VIBE! I highly recommend this place! It was also worth every penny. Next time, we are going to get the one with the slide in it LOL.

The Eats

The first time we ate was brunch at Bridge House Tavern on the river. We waited for about 15 minutes and we sat inside with the view of the river. It was cool outside, so we our seats were perfect. This place a cool vibe. There were several games on at the time, so it was packed with fans. The food was different and very delicious! I loved that we could walk here from our hotel, so it was a great location.

We ate dinner at Rockit Bar and Grill. This wasn’t our initial plan, but I’m glad we stumbled upon it and hubby pretty much dragged me in to eat. I was hungry and frustrated cause where we planned to go eat had a 45 minute wait. Hangry does not look good on me LOL. This place had low dimmed light & some nice music. The food was good, but by this time my husband was frustrated because no restaurant served sweet tea! We quickly learned Sweet Tea was a South thing, but really?? Come on now!

We also had the famous Lou Malnatis Pizzeria Deep Dish pizza for lunch after church. I must admit, I thought the one we were going to was a restaurant but it was not. It was carryout only (I’m not sure if they deliver). I then learned not all of their locations are restaurants, but that was okay! We just ate in the car and ran around town looking for a place Mr. Beard could watch the Eagles game. I wish we had one of these in Nashville! Hubby does not like pizza, but he said he did their pizza.

We really didn’t venture much this trip other than walking to some of our destinations. On our walk to Chicago’s Riverwalk, we snapped to some beautiful pictures. We didn’t even spend a whole two days in the city, so we didn’t have much time to do everything on my list. We ate good, we were very comfortable, and we entertained each other! We created new memories and we had a chance to bond without our kids. I can’t forget to mention Victory Cathedral Worship Center where Smokie Norful is the Senior Pastor! That place was on fire! I’m so glad my friend told us about their services. My husband is a big fan of Smokie Norful’s music, and it was a pleasure to best guest and to get a spirits fed while away from home.

I encourage couples, especially if you’re married with kids to plan a BaeCation. It will do your soul and your relationship some good. Y’all will thank us later 🙂

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