Crochet: Faux Locs

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I have installed faux locs on myself several times before, but never crochet! Let me just say, this way saves so much time!!

My sister came through and braided my hair down for me because my braids are whack! My poor sister did not know what she was getting herself into (I love you Bookie!). You can see the quick video on what my braid pattern looked like before installing the locs. She did a great job!

Below is the hair I used. I used 5 packs of hair total. I could have used 6, but I did not want my style to have too much hair. I like the “just enough” look


This is now one of my favorite styles!! This style lasted me a whole month. I have seen where other people can get a longer wear, but the way my scalp is set up….not happening! I’m getting my protective styles together cause I have been struggling trying to keep my hair done and healthy lately.

I follow a girl on intagram (@kiitana) and she has soooo many pics and videos of styles she has done with faux locs. Also it looks like she gets her hair from Braids & Wigs website. The also have the crochet hair for the Goddess Locs that I LOVE!! They also have a large variety of colors. I think that is going to be my next style.


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