In My Secret Place

Day 1: Conflict of Interest

After reading day 1 of the In My Secret Place devotion, I literally had to take a moment to let it all soak in. It was just so much for me to digest. I love how Ebony illustrates the characteristic of a conflict of interest.

“Where there’s a conflict of interest, you will find two visions. Where there are two visions, you will find division. And where there is division, there will soon follow a fall.”

Ebony King

First of all, Ebony is wise beyond her years! I love this illustration so much because it accurately illustrates the greatest fall of my life. She is so right. It all started with a conflict of interest. That led to me trying to pursue God’s Will and my own desires. The two visions resulted in me becoming disconnected with Christ. Without Christ came the fall,


As I reflect back on 2018 as a whole, I can openly admit to my double-mindedness. Double-mindedness is not as easy to call out as some of the common sins like lying, fornicating, and committing adultury. In my experiences, it takes a spitritual person to identify this sin.

In my case, it wasn’t easy to see physically, but I could feel it mentally. There is no peace for a double-minded believer. When your daily struggle becomes trying to get a piece of peace, self-sabbatage and crazy are soon to follow! Double-mindedness does not kill your belief, it kills your heavenly destination.

A conflict of interest can be counteracted.

Going into 2019, I want to be intentional about what and who I allow to govern my thoughts. I have already cut out watching TV at night during the week, and I have replaced that with spending time with God. Even though watching TV did not influence me to sin, it was a distraction. It was like white noise. It was interfering with me hearing from God. I was taking the little time I had during the week to allow the TV to soothe my thoughts until I fell asleep instead of spending time with God. There has been so many benefits in the creation of this new habit. I fall asleep with a clear mind, I wake up energized and ready to tackle the day, and I am maintaining an intimate relationship with God.

Instead of listening to the radio in the car all the time, I keep an audio book in rotation. Car rides really send my mind into overdrive! Listening to faith based books in the car has really helped me to not allow my mind to run off to places it doesn’t belong. For me, an idle mind is terrible! It is imporatant for me to keep my mind busy on heavenly things.

I am thankful God has given me the opportunity to correct my ways! I pray that God will continue to reveal to me ways I can better my relationships. It is my prayer that all conflicts of interest are revealed!

Lord, let your will be done.

To learn more about this devotion, see the following post:


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