All Shook Up

Day 4: All Shook Up

Today’s devotion was all about being shook up like the earthquake in Acts 16:26. In this text, a violent earthquake happened and it shook the prison grounds. The earthquake shook the chains loose from Silas and Paul, and it also made the prison doors fly open. All the prisoners were free. Some earthquake, huh?

In 2018, I can truly say God shook me like a salt shaker! I like how Ebony uses stress and the extreme lengths God is willing to go in order to free his people:

“It is a shaking to release you of some of the stress that you’ve been carrying over the years. As much as we hate stress many of us will let it accumulate year after year to the point where we are comfortable and miserable at the same time. We allow stress to become so normal that God has to say ENOUGH.”

Ebony King

If this wasn’t my 2018!! I was so stressed out, but cool at the same time and that it was driving me crazy deep down inside. I was subconsciously losing the grip I had on life. Before God shook me up, I started feeling like things wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something had to give and it did. I took a lot of Ls in 2018.

I lost myself completely, I lost my mind, I lost my husband and kids, I lost my dad, I felt like I lost my mom due to me feeling betrayed, I lost some friends, and everyday I felt like I was going to lose my job. But what was worse than all of that was me losing my way. I could no longer hear from God or feel his presence. I was in a dark place filled with shame because I knew better. I didn’t know how I allowed myself to mess up so bad.

This shake up was the worse but was so necessary for me! To be honest, I was more than shook up. I was shattered to the point that I could no longer glue the pieces back together. I was like dust. Dirt. Buuuuuut God! In my lowest of lows, God still reached out to me and begged me to turn my heart back to him. Just as he did with the people of Judah and Jerusalem. But unlike God’s chosen people, I heeded his warning of destruction and I repented. My soul cried out, what must I do to be saved?!

I would describe this just as the violent earthquake that took place in Acts 16:26. That earthquake was the force that allowed me to finally break beyond human repair, and it also allowed me to see that without God I was nothing. Without God my life was meaningless and wasteful. 2018 was a humbling experience for me, and it is an experience I will forever be grateful for. That earthquake saved me soul! All of my lost this year have positioned me right where God wants me. I am forever grateful to be usable for God’s glory again!

Explorers, maybe you are in need of a violent earthquake too. Or maybe you have experienced one of your own already. Whichever it is, I pray that earthquake shake loose anything that is not of God and that it be exactly what you need to move forward in purpose for 2019.

While earthquakes are a natural disaster, it can also be a spiritual awakening! If you need to be freed, say this prayer with me:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for being such a gracious God. We thank you for patiently waiting while we screw up just so you can use it as a teachable moment for us. Thank you for loving us too much to let us follow a sinful path. God, we ask that you do whatever is necessary for us to be freed from whatever is holding us back from reaching our fullest potential in you. Lord, break up the hardened places of our heart and shake us loose until we become moldable and transformable again. Even though it may not feel good at the time, we trust you! We will be careful to give you all of the honor, all of the praise, and all of the glory!


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