Trin: mommy I thought I was going to get the award for excellence because I had the most excellence points 😞

Me: it’s okay baby! I know you had the most points cause I saw the chart myself, but people are not always going to acknowledge you for your achievements. And that’s okay! All that matters is God sees you, YOU know you are excellent, AND your mommy is SUPER proud of you. Never stop striving to be the best you can be!

I know the disappointment she felt. Trini has worked HARD to not only be excellent at home but at school and cheerleading too. She loves God, and you can see it through actions these days! She has worked HARD to be where she is now! Often, even adults become unmotivated to continue working hard when we’re not being noticed! So, I definitely empathized with my baby girl.

Her disappointment at school turned out to be a life lesson! She will face many more disappointments to come, but NOW I need to be the first to tell her that life ain’t fair! People are not going to treat you the way she treats others. She will witness others get away with stuff that she should NEVER even consider. Now it’s time to shift my parenting to the real world. She knows right from wrong, but now it’s time to build her up, so the world cant tear her down.

I love being her mommy. I love teaching and encouraging her. Watching her grow in the last few months has been so rewarding! I’m blessed to be able to be the mom I always wanted to be. My past heartaches and hardships have tuned into wisdom I can pass on to younger generations, and for that I’m blessed!

God has empowered me to #empowerHER and I’m going to do just that!


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