Mommy & Trini Take Memphis

Before now, I have never been to Memphis! That is so crazy because I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. Most of the people I hung around in college were from Memphis, Tn, but I have never paid “The Birth Place of Rock & Roll” a visit.

I am going to give you all a brief synopsis of my trip!

Road Trip:

At the last minute, my friend Porcsha and I decided to carpool to Memphis together with the kids. We were both planning to go and thought let’s just ride together! This gave us time to catch up and to have our much needed “Mommy Talk” that we have been trying to schedule FOREVER and it also saved us some dollars! I met Porcsha during our time at college, and we were even roommates at one point in time! We definitely have some stories for our kids when they get older LOL. Through the ups and downs we have experienced together, I am glad I have her as friend I can say, “You know we didn’t like each other at first” about (Don’t be silly, we all need at least one of these friends)! I enjoyed catching up with her and also having the chance to meet little LJ (He’s such a cutie)!

It is crazy how we have been knowing each other every since we were 18 and now we both are proud Mommies 🙂 I hope our drive to Memphis and back was just the start of more great road trips. Check out the sleepy heads in the back seat!

Girl Talk & Play Date:

My friends Kendall and Carmen both live in Memphis and we all danced on Allure dance team while we were in college. Over the years, I have been telling Kendall I was going to come to Memphis and visit. Let’s just say… she has been VERY patient with me 🙂 With Trini getting older, it is easier to enjoy life outside of our house now. When she was smaller, it was definitely a struggle for me to muster up enough energy for me to tackle the world with a baby on my hip.

Side note: She loved the road trip. I told her we were going on an adventure just like Dora! “Where are we going (clap, clap, clap)…to MEMPHIS!” Yes, we really did sing this in the car.

Seriously though… I enjoyed being able to catch up with these lovely ladies! The kids (Carson, Telia, and Trini) had a play date while we sat back and chilled. I thoroughly enjoy growing older with my friends! It sounds weird, but I like being able to talk about “old times” and witnessing our growth throughout the years.

Now that I am a mom, I noticed that I have created a routine for my family and sometimes it is very hard to step out of that, even for myself. I don’t get to sit and talk with my girlfriends all the time and Trini most definitely don’t get to run around with kids her age outside of daycare and her sisters. I wish we were all closer so that I can eat up all Carmen food, and so that Kendall can do my hair ALL the time!

Look at this picture of Trinity and Carson! They just made my heart melt! If love at first sight was a real thing, I believe I witnessed it with these two. They cried together and made up with feeding each other food. They laughed and giggled as they played hide and go seek around Carmen’s house. They hugged and held hands often. You would’ve thought they have been knowing each other their whole life. It was so cute! A month later and Trini is still talking about Carson being her best friend.  I can’t wait for them to meet up again!

Brunch at Majestic Grille:

This place was AMAZING!! From the food all the way to the ambiance, it was EVERYTHING! Of course it was Kendall Approved, and I am so glad she suggested eating brunch there. I would give anything for some more of those cheddar grits.

They have a huge projector inside with string lights throughout the restaurant. They were playing the old Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry while we were there. Telia and Trinity loved it! They weren’t paying the tablet any attention at all. It kept their attention while Kendall and I I continued our Girl Talk Pt. 2. Check out some pictures I snapped below:

National Civil Rights Museum: 

We also stopped by the the National Civil Rights Museum. We didn’t go inside, but it is definitely a place I want to take Trinity when she is a little older to understand what was going on at the time. I got a crazy feeling just from standing outside the museum. I can only imagine the feeling I will get once I go inside. Have any of you ever been? What do you think is a good age to take the little ones? How was your experience??

MAJOR shout out to Kendall for chauffeuring us around to capture some great shots around town! Oh how I love a good picture! These murals are amazing!!

Until next time Memphis! I want to come back in the summer with the whole family so we can go to Mud Island and Children’s Museum. What are some other great places to visit in Memphis during the spring/summer time? What are some of your favorite places to eat? Leave me a comment below!

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