Don't Expect Respect

Respect, Don’t Expect It

John Chapter 8 – Respect, Don’t Expect It

Make it plain.

In John chapter 8, the Pharisees are trying and testing Jesus several times. Jesus takes a bold stance which pretty much put the Pharisees either on the right side or the wrong side. Jesus entertained the naysayers questioning his testimony, who he was, who his father was, and his holiness. At the end of it all, Jesus was able to boldly say that he is the great I AM. Jesus might as well said, “Put some respect on my name!” Of course the Pharisees did not like this and began to throw stones at him.

Make it make sense.

What happened to Jesus in this chapter looks a lot like the people who do not want to see you be great. They will watch you like a hawk just to criticize your every move. They expect you to please their logic, and you try for so long to do this. Then, you realize they already had their mind made up about you. And you’ve compromised you self for what again? For people who don’t and won’t respect you! It’s these type of people that mean you no good, and the type of people we like to call HATERS. Like Jesus, you’ll try to win them over with saying the right thing and your humbleness, but their undying want to make you smaller than what you really are gets annoying and plain right disrespectful. You can’t expect people to respect you no matter how respect worthy you are! 

Make it personal.

I use to think that if I dimmed my light some, it would make others feel more comfortable and I could keep the peace. Then, I had to realize that there is no pleasing people who are against God. Jesus cannot be dimmed because he is the truth and the light! For that reason, it’s actually shaming Jesus to even try to dim your light for others. Realizing I was not respecting myself and that I was disrespecting Jesus was a huge slap in my face. Would you rather people not like you for Jesus’ sake, or be shamed when you stand before Jesus Christ because you shamed him? I choose the latter. If you don’t like me, I’d rather it be because I’ve made where I stand very clear. Moral of the story: Haters gon’ hate! Get use to it!

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