Trust the Process

Trust the Process

John Chapter 11 – Trust the Process

Make it plain.

At the end of John 10, Jesus had just escaped the Pharisees yet again. Chapter 11 opens up by Jesus receiving a letter from his friends Martha and Mary summoning him. They wanted to inform Jesus that the one he loves, their brother Lazarus, was very sick. They put their trust and their hope in Jesus. Jesus told his disciples that Lazarus would not die as a result of his illness. Jesus told his disciples that God was going to get the glory and the Son of God would be magnified. With this, Jesus waited two days before he set out to be with his friends.

When he arrived in Judea, the place his enemies reside, he met Martha. Martha was hurt, and maybe even devastated. She told Jesus had he been there, her brother would still be alive. Jesus tried to reassure her by telling her that Lazarus will rise again, but she thought he was referring to the day of Resurrection. Jesus said, ” I am the Resurrection and the life (verse 25).” Martha believed him, and went to get her sister Mary.

Mary rushed out the house to meet Jesus, and the Jewish people that were at her to comfort her followed. When they arrived at the tomb, they were all mourning the death of Lazarus. Jesus was deeply moved . Jesus wept. Then, he asked them to move then stone away from the tomb, and he proceed to pray that people believed after they witness his next miracle.

After his prayer, Jesus commanded Lazarus to come out and take off his grave clothes. And he did! Many believed after that, but other went away to plot the death of Jesus.

Make it make sense.

Jesus allowed Lazarus to die so people could believe he was sent by God. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead because Martha and Mary believed in him. Although Martha and Mary were hurt, they did not allow their faith to waiver. Jesus used their unfortunate situation to make believers out of the people around them. Jesus had a purpose.

Make it personal.

Did you notice the amount of faith Mary and Martha placed in Jesus? Could you imagine the hurt they felt when Jesus did come resulted in the death of their brother? Even through their hurt, their faith remained in the Power. In Jesus. When’s timing seems, off, his lack of intervention brings us hurt, his promises seem so far away, and we have no answers…Jesus wants to know will we still believe? Our faith is what moves God not our worrying, complaining, and controlling ways. He will let things die just so he can bring them back to life all FOR HIS GLORY. Even if our circumstances aren’t good, God’s purpose is. Don’t let not knowing the whys, hows, and whens to stop you from pressing forward in faith.

You may be facing delays, distractions, and maybe even devastation, but I dare you to trust the process and trust and God’s power to make the impossible, possible.

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