LHH Atlanta: Marriage Ain’t Hot All the Time

Now I know what ya’ll are thinking…This show is scripted…Rasheeda stupid for taking him back in the first place…this show is drama-filled…etc.

But let’s be real for a moment! This moment Rasheeda had right here, was REAL! She dropped some knowledge for the married people. Had me like Amen girl, Amen!! She had me all in my feelings. I commend her for this though. The world need more people willing to share their stories, if it means it will help out the next person. Especially when it comes to marriage. I don’t agree with all the fighting, fussing, and cussing, but this is a message for somebody right here. Take a look:

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Hubby’s Birthday – DIY Love Coupons


img_8338Today my husband turns a year older, and I am so excited!! Call me crazy, but I am excited to grow older with him! We met when we were 12, and now we are both 27. I have known, have loved, and have gone crazy over him for over half of my life now!

He is not really big on celebrating his birthday, but deep down inside I know he really wants to  feel special on his special day. I am the same way! I say I don’t really care about my birthday, but deep down I kinda do. When you have gone most of your life with it just been another day, you just kind of expect that moving forward…but if someone makes you feel special – that is just even better! Continue reading